Yes this service is free to use. Any one can creat an account, upload his audio files free.
There is a big difference: Standard or free account can upload max 5MB per audio file while Pro members will upload up 70MB per file. Standard members storage quota is 300MB while Pro members will have 2GB or 2048MB. For more details, please visite here.
Sure dear! You can sell your audio files to the platform. You need to upload your music, and while uploading, select for sale, and past your music sale page link. Listeners will listen and then if they like, they will access to your sale page, and buy your art.
Yes you can, but you must be sure that it is your works and there is no copyright issue with it.
Normaly, download option is not available because our services are only streaming. But authors and creators can make a preview of his musics and when uploading, he can activate Download features for his fan.
Yes, you can. You can upload or host even your musics or audio files to Ponoza.com, and use your audio embed code to any of your site or application for free.